Faculty Participation in The Cupola

  • New scholarship. No action is needed on your part to have your work represented in The Cupola. When you fill out the College Authors form for a new work, the library is notified and generates a record for the work in The Cupola. Scholarly Communications staff will also deposit the full content of the work if granted permission by the publisher and/or copyright holder. See the College Authors page for additional information.
  • Older publications. If you wish for your older publications to be represented in The Cupola, send us your c.v. or a list of publications. We are happy to include them as copyright permits (we do not post metadata-only entries for older publications).
  • Unpublished works. We are happy to include unpublished works that represent professional activity. These may include conference presentations, working papers, data, and more. A few examples of unpublished faculty work included in The Cupola:

Faculty also may nominate exemplary student work to be included in The Cupola. Professors are our best source of information about which students are producing that work. Please email cupola@gettysburg.edu to nominate a student and include some information about the work itself.

We will contact the student and invite them to share their work. Excellent student work at any level is appropriate to include. Students always retain their copyright and grant The Cupola a non-exclusive license to post the work.

Important: No student work is published without final approval from the supervising professor.  If you wish, you may review the final upload and "approve" or "disapprove" before the library makes the work public.  If you are aware of copyright violations or issues with IRB/IACUC review, please do not approve the work.  Without your final approval, we will not publish the student's work.