Noon January 25  (CUB 260) Martin Eisemann, Professor of Psychology, University of Tromsø, Norway - Mental Health and Quality of Life at 70° North in Norway

Noon, February 8  (Mosaic House) Ivanova Reyes, Assistant Professor of Economics - Did Competition with Chinese Imports Affect the Female Labor in Chilean Industries during 1995-2006?

Noon February 15  (CUB 260) Kevin Lavery, Eisenhower Institute Program Manager - “Youth of the World, Unite So That You May Live”: The World Youth Congress Movement, 1936-1939

Noon February 22  (CUB 260) Rebecca Thompson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Management - Choosing the Way you Work: What Factors Make Flexible Work Arrangements Attractive?

Noon March 1  (CUB 260) Temma Berg, Professor of English, Emerita - Becoming Victorians: What the Sisters Brontë Can Tell Us

Noon March 22  (CUB 260) Junjie Luo, Assistant Professor of Asian Studies - Traditional Chinese Fiction (1800-1869) in the English-speaking World

Noon March 29  (CUB 260) James Pucket, Assistant Professor of Physics - Mechanics of collective behavior

Noon April 5  (CUB 260) Ricardo Conceicao, Assistant Professor of Mathematics - A stroll through the garden of Number Theory

Noon April 12  (Paul Recital Hall, Schmucker Hall 222) Paul Austerlitz, Professor of Music - Magic Triplets: Creatively Engaged Scholarship

Noon April 26  (CUB 260) Susan Russell, John Adams Endowed Professor of Theatre Arts Chair of Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies - FROM PAGE TO STAGE: Writing a Dramatic Script through Historical Research—And Not Creating Something for The History Channel