Douglas '03 and Kathryn Turner '03 Ritter

Douglas '03 and Kathryn Turner '03 Ritter

"Gettysburg College is just a part of us. We want to give back to others who we hope will have the same kinds of experiences.”

Neither Douglas ’03 nor Kathryn Turner ’03 Ritter comes from a family with a tradition of philanthropy, but their experiences at Gettysburg made them want to give back—and they have, every year since graduation.

“My years at Gettysburg were some of the most influential of my life,” says Douglas, a special agent with the U.S. Secret Service. “There’s such a sense of community; from academics to student life, it’s a student-centered atmosphere. You can play a huge role.”

Douglas met his future wife Kathryn— now a marketing associate—at Gettysburg, and the two of them became involved in community service activities at the College. “Community service influenced both of our collegiate lives and has carried forward to today,” says Douglas. “As a liberal arts college, Gettysburg makes you think outside of the box and that’s applicable in the real world. And the leadership opportunities and social interaction we had at the College have influenced us professionally as well.”


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