Each Gift is Important

Your annual gift supports both the strong traditions of Gettysburg College and what makes today’s Gettysburg unique. No matter the size of your gift, we are grateful for consistent annual support to keep Gettysburg moving forward.

Everyone benefits from your connection to Gettysburg College; it shows that our community is strong and invested for the future.

4 Myths About Giving

Myth #1:  Small gifts don't make a difference.

The Truth:  Every single gift plays an important role!

Each alumnus' gift increases the College's alumni participation rate.

College ranking publications—such as the Princeton Review—look at alumni participation as one indicator of the health of an institution.

A higher ranking helps Gettysburg attract more, and better, students

A higher ranking strengthens the value of your own Gettysburg degree

Robust participation numbers show that our Gettysburg community is united, strong, and invested in the future of the College.

Myth #2:  Gettysburg College doesn't need donations.

The Truth: Annual gifts are essential to meet the College’s needs each year!

Tuition and our endowment income combined are not sufficient to ensure that what makes Gettysburg great will continue for future students: strong relationships with outstanding faculty, captivating class lectures, and even the great food at Servo.

Myth #3:  Young alumni aren't in a position to support Gettysburg College

The Truth: The cumulative effect of gifts from young alumni makes a big difference.

Our average gift size from young alumni is $117. 

Gifts from nearly 1,000 young alumni last year added up to $116,011 of assistance for Gettysburg College.

Young alumni financial support is an example to fellow Gettysburgians of their belief in the power of a Gettysburg degree.  It demonstrates that the tradition of Gettysburg alumni giving back to their alma mater is important.

Quite simply – your gift truly makes a difference.

Myth #4: It's OK to give only every now and then.

The Truth: Gettysburg College needs and counts on consistent annual gifts!

Gettysburg College depends on annual gifts when setting each year’s budget. Consistent annual gifts allow the College to better plan for future projects while also enabling us to react to current needs.

Our reliance on consecutive annual gifts is so important, these loyal donors automatically become members of Gettysburg College’s Loyalty Circle.

Your annual gift supports both the strong traditions of Gettysburg College and what makes today’s Gettysburg unique.