International Students

Gettysburg College welcomes students from around the world to be valued and active members of our campus community. Currently, students from over 38 countries contribute to the rich academic, co-curricular, and social atmosphere of the College. Our institution values diversity, and we strongly believe that our graduates are well-rounded, global citizens prepared to do great work.

International students bring an exciting perspective to campus. They come to Gettysburg for the opportunities to share ideas in small class sizes (18-20 students on average), conduct collaborative and independent research, and take advantage of the 10:1 student to faculty ratio developing strong relationships with an enthusiastic and accomplished faculty. With easy access to many major east coast cities, International students are able to take advantage of Gettysburg's active parent and alumni network and hold externships and internships, gaining valuable practical experience.

Gettysburg is the ideal college for a highly motivated student with a strong record of secondary school accomplishment looking for academic rigor and application who is open to opportunity and ready to take full advantage of the array of opportunities available to them here.

Download the International Student Brochure (PDF).