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The most common questions answered

Deciding on the right college is filled with a lot of questions—not just for students, but for families, too! In fact, we receive countless questions from families each year.

While we have a comprehensive guidebook that answers some of the most common questions we receive from families, check out the 5 most important questions (and our answers!) all families are asking.


Why Gettysburg?

Gettysburg is a highly selective, nationally-recognized college of 2,600 students focused on the liberal arts and sciences. Here, “Do Great Work” is more than just a tagline. It is a challenge issued to all of our students, faculty, and staff—a challenge that they exceed time and time again.

Our active and engaged community is what makes Gettysburg so great. We believe that learning means doing, and that a college education should prepare your student to be great and to do great work. So often, what happens outside the classroom is a vital extension of what happens inside. If your student wants to get involved—and most Gettysburg students do—the opportunities are almost endless. But don’t just take our word for it. Talk to our students and faculty. Ask them what they do. You’ll quickly see that this is a campus of doing!

In the classroom

There are more than 68 academic programs for students to choose from, augmented with community responsibility and global experiences, leadership opportunities, and engagement with public-policy issues.
Students contribute more than 30,000 hours of community service annually.
There are more than 120 student organizations & organizations, 24 NCAA Division III athletic teams, and 9 fraternities and 7 sororities.


Is Gettysburg worth the investment?

We think so. A Gettysburg education starts with a rich arts and sciences curriculum and enhances it with practical skills and experiences—along with research, leadership, and international opportunities. It’s an education that meets student needs in the present and prepares them spectacularly for the future.

But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what places like the Princeton Review, Bloomberg, Business Week, PayScale, and Kiplinger’s are saying about the value ofand investment in—a Gettysburg degree.


What special opportunities does Gettysburg offer?

Gettysburg’s rigorous academic program includes the outstanding Sunderman Conservatory of Music, the highly respected First-Year Seminar experience, extensive off-campus study offerings, numerous independent and team research opportunities, the senior capstone program, the Garthwait Leadership Center, the Eisenhower Institute, the Civil War Institute, and so much more. Our location—easily accessible to major cities like Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the state capital, Harrisburg—offers more opportunities for internships, off-campus research, and service opportunities.


More than 60 percent of our students spend at least one semester studying abroad in one of nearly 100 affiliated programs on six continents.
Short-term trips abroad with the Sunderman Conservatory of Music, the Eisenhower Institute, the Center for Public Service, and more!
Annual student research colloquium with hundreds of students presenting.


What practical experience can a student really gain in a liberal arts college?

Gettysburg College combines liberal arts and sciences with a practical focus. Every student has the change to develop marketable skills—from lab technique to computer programming to website design to budgeting and managing a student organization.

Outside of these experiences, the College’s Center for Career Development enables students to learn and gain invaluable insight about various career fields through internships, externships, job shadowing, career immersion trips, and networking events.

Practical Experiences

80 percent of students graduate with internship experience.
More than 1,000 leadership opportunities provide students with the skills that employers are looking for.


How will Gettysburg help our son or daughter get a job after graduation?

The whole point of the Gettysburg experience is for each student to do something with his or her education that contributes to society and is personal gratifying. The Center for Career Development works with students along the way, starting in their first year and continuing long after graduation, helping them with resume writing, interviewing skills, and articulating their campus experiences into desired career skills. By the fall of their senior year, each student will have made key connections, scored some big interviews, polished their resumes, and honed in on their future.

The results speak for themselves. Within one year of graduation, 98% of our newest alumni are either gainfully employed or are enrolled full-time in a graduate school program.

After graduation

“My daughter had a phone interview—arranged by the school’s Center for Career Development—with a well-known company last fall. About a month ago, she check the job listings on this company’s website and emailed the recruiter. The recruiter emailed back right away, suggesting a better position. She didn’t have the exact qualifications listed in the job description, but she had two interesting internships on her resume—one that was directly related. We were thrilled that she was offered the better job. It’s a great company with excellent benefits and she’s had a lot of success there to date.”


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