• Qiqi Mei during her semester abroad in Bosnia

    Religious Studies major Qiqi Mei during her semester abroad in Bosnia, where she studied religion, conflict, and community.

  • Edward Dame during his study abroad

    Religious Studies major Edward Dame during his studies at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka Prefecture, Japan

  • CPS Immersion trip

    Students learning from traditional Iroquois lacrosse stick maker during CPS immersion trip on the Onondaga and Environmental Justice led by Professor David Walsh.

  • Seminar

    Senior students meeting with members of the Bosnian community in PA as part of a seminar on violence and religion with Professor Megan Sijapati.

  • Immersion trip

    Students learning about how sheep are raised halal in an American Muslim community, on a Community Based Learning immersion trip in the course ‘Islam in America' with Professor Megan Sijapati.

  • photo1

    Students in FYS ‘Death and the Meaning of Life’, with Professor Buz Myers, participating in team building experiences on the Challenge Course at Gettysburg College.

Religious Studies Programs

Religion shapes individuals, societies, and history. We strive to understand its effects on a globalized world. Our non-sectarian, multi-disciplinary curriculum examines many traditions: Judaic, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Native American, and more.

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Senior Student Profile

AllegraDo you have a favorite moment in a Religious Studies course here at Gettysburg?  
My favorite moment was calling my mother after my first class with Prof. Sijapati and telling her how excited I was and her answer was, “Go for it Allegra, do what you love”. When some parents might of pushed their children to do a more popular major, mine wanted me to succeed in school, which entailed studying what I love.

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Alumni Profile: Dan Kagan

mollyI am currently working as a project manager for a software development company. One might assume that my major did not effect my current job but I actually think it has had a profound impact. My major has allowed me to come to the table with a uniquely open view and legitimate knowledge on topics that most people feel extremely passionate about, but in reality know very little about. Being open-minded and fundamentally curious about other peoples' backgrounds and cultures has allowed me to connect with people who I otherwise wouldn't be able to, which results in tangible business benefits. Oh, and the professors are the most down-to-earth, passionate professors at Gettysburg. In the real world you can always teach yourself how to program, or understand science through pure effort and discipline. But few majors teach you how to actually think and how to correct yourself when you are wrong.

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