• Trout Lecture on Nov. 9

    Students listen to a lecture on the First World War and Remembrance by Prof. Steven Trout from the University of South Alabama.

  • Prof. Ian Isherwood takes Terrence Roberts on Gettysburg Battlefield Tour.

    Prof. Ian Isherwood takes Terrence Roberts, Civil Rights activist and member of the Little Rock Nine, on a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield.

  • St. Bernards school visits Gettysburg

    St. Bernards school recently visited Gettysburg. Two of our CWES Minors took the group on a walk of Pickett’s Charge.

  • Gettysburg hosts the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

    On April 23, 2017, Allen Guelzo & Nicholas Tarchis '18 hosted the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs on a Battlefield tour. The group will be officers of the Israeli Defense Force.

  • 26 Pennsylvania College Guard

    An event at Appomattox in spring 2017. The 26 Pennsylvania College Guard organized the event.

Civil War Era Studies Programs

Civil War Era Studies offers courses in all aspects of the Civil War Era including military, social, intellectual and political history. It allows for a thorough understanding of the era, and the minor program can be added to any student’s field of study.

Civil War Era Studies is offered as a minor.

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All Roads Lead to Gettysburg

Avery Lentz ’14 shares his Gettysburg Experience.