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The field of Classics is by its very nature interdisciplinary, consisting of multiple interrelated sub-disciplines. This department offers study in two ancient languages (Greek; Latin), as well as courses covering the histories, mythologies, several genres of literature, and material cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world.

The oldest department at Gettysburg College, Classics offers:

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Student-Faculty Research

Lattes homepage According to classics and anthropology Prof. Ben Luley, archaeology is more like being Sherlock Holmes than Indiana Jones.

“There is no sign that tells you what you are looking at,” Luley explains. “You have to figure it out. You find all of these clues and have to piece them together. That’s part of the fun of archaeology.”

That’s exactly what he did when working on an excavation site known as Lattes in southern France. After excavating a largely residential second-century site, Luley and his colleagues stumbled into a first-century tavern.

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