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Honor Commission Application (PDF)

Honor Commission Application (Word Doc)

In May of 1957, the Faculty approved in principle an Honor Code and accepted in fact a Constitution for the Honor Code at Gettysburg College. With these measures, the Faculty delegated to the Honor Commission responsibility for the regulation of student academic conduct. The final responsibility for the regulation of student conduct remains with the Faculty.

The current version of the Honor Code is the result of substantial revision approved by the Faculty, Honor Commission, and Student Senate in 2006, and revision of sections 4.4-5 and 6.5 in Spring 2014.

The Gettysburg College Honor Code (PDF)

Summary of the Gettysburg College Honor Code (PDF)

Students' Responsibilities Under The Honor Code (PDF)

Faculty Responsibilities Under The Honor Code (PDF)

Honor Code Adjudication Guidelines for Faculty: “I have a case to report—now what?”

Honor Code Adjudication Process Flowchart (PDF)

Honor Commission Data Archive

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