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Employee Handbook - Administrator and Staff

On behalf of the employees of Gettysburg College we are pleased to welcome you to our organization. You have the opportunity, through your dedication, enthusiasm, and abilities, to help Gettysburg College grow further in reputation both nationally and locally.

This handbook will enable you to have a more thorough understanding of the College, its employee benefits, and guidelines. Of course, no handbook can provide for all circumstances. Accordingly, the Human Resources Office welcomes your ideas and suggestions on how the information in this handbook might be revised or updated to address changes in the work place. Likewise, the Human Resources Office will answer any questions you may have regarding the College's policies, practices and procedures.

Again, we welcome you into our growing organization and challenge you to become an active and enthusiastic member of the College. We hope you will find your employment with Gettysburg College both exciting and rewarding.

1. Introduction
Mission Statement; HR Mission Statement; Purpose of Handbook; Employment-At-Will; Terms of Appointment
2. Equal Employment Opportunity
Equal Opportunity Declaration; Disability Statement; Disability Accommodation Requests, Inquires, and Complaints
3. Employment
Classification of Support Staff Employees; Classification of Administrative Employees; Employment Eligibility; Identification Card; Probation Period
4. Hours of Work
Office Hours; Administrative Employee Hours; Emergencies; Inclement Weather Policy
5. Compensation
Payroll Information; Salary Deductions; Salary Reviews; Performance Appraisal Process
6. Leave Benefits
Paid Holidays; Vacation for Support Staff; Vacation for Administrators; Sick Leave for Support Staff; Short-term Disability for Support Staff; Short-term Disability/Sick Leave for Administrators; Maternity Leave; Parental/Partner Leave; Adoption Leave and Benefits; Bereavement Leave; Jury Duty Leave; Family and Medical Leave of Absence; Military Leave

7. Insurance Coverages
Health Insurance; Retirement Plan; Group Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance; Total Disability Insurance; COBRA Benefits; Domestic Partnership; Liability Insurance; Workers' Compensation Insurance

8. Educational Benefits
Tuition Credit/Grant (For Qualified Children); Tuition Exchange for Qualified Dependent Children; Support Staff Development Grant; Educational Opportunities at Gettysburg College for Employees and their Spouses/Partners; Tuition Aid for Support Staff Outside of Gettysburg College; Research/Study Leave for Administrators; Institutional Self-Renewal Grant for Administrators
9. Other Benefits
Employee Assistance Program; Computer Purchasing Program; College Store

10. Employee Standards of Conduct
General Standards of Conduct; Harassment and Discrimination-Free Workplace; Employee and Student Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Sexually Inappropriate Behavior; Other Forms of Harassment/Discrimination; Prohibited Conduct and Policy Definitions; Reporting of Prohibited Conduct, Harassment and Discrimination Violations; Investigation of Reports; Interim Measures; Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault & Stalking; Grievance Procedure; Consensual Sexual or Romantic Relationship Policy; Ethics and Integrity Internal Reporting Process; FERPA; Abusive Language; Alcohol Policy; Campus Smoking Policy; Drug-Free Workplace and Drug-Free Campus.

11. Safety and Security
Safety; Risk Management; Fire Prevention; First Aid; Housekeeping; Use of College Equipment; Borrowing Privileges of College-Owned & Rented Motor Vehicles; Security

12. Records Management
Employee Records; Review of Personnel Records; Confidentiality of Information

13. Miscellaneous Information
Acceptance of Gifts and Favors by Employees; Animals on Campus and in Buildings; Bulletin Boards; Campus Communications; Children at the Workplace; Computer Network Use Policy; Donations and Canvassing; Authorized Fund Raising; Employees who are HIV Positive; Outside Employment; Parking; Personal Appearance; Casual Dress; Solicitation

14. Termination of Employment
Resignation of Employment; Layoff; Retirement

15. Conclusion
Any Questions?; Contents of This Handbook; Ideas, Suggestions, Problem Solving