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At Gettysburg College we encourage an atmosphere in which conflicts can be resolved in a respectful and productive manner. To that end, the College provides conflict mediation and conflict coaching to individuals experiencing difficulty in the workplace. The Conflict Resolution Resources Program offers coaching sessions and mediation services to faculty, administrators and staff in the Gettysburg College Community.

This program was developed to encourage and support members of the campus community to effectively manage and resolve conflicts. When faced with conflict, it is often useful to have a neutral and confidential resource with which you can discuss approaches to conflict resolution, consider options, or to clarify the underlying issues that are most important to you.

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Conflict Coaching

Conflict Mediation

To schedule a conflict coaching session, please feel free to contact any of our trained coaches.

To schedule a conflict mediation session, please contact one of the following intake coordinators:

  • Deb Hydock - Assistant Director of Dining Services at (717) 337-6331
  • Maggie Baldwin - Manager of Facilities, Communications and Services at (717) 337-6338
  • Stephanie Sellers - Visiting Assistant Professor and Director of the Women's Center at (717) 337-6798