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If you feel threatened, or are concerned about someone's immediate health, safety, or welfare, call the Department of Public Safety (717-337-6911). They can work with you to assess the situation and determine if immediate action is necessary or if a referral to the Dean of Students, Julie Ramsey, (717-337-6921) is appropriate.


If you are concerned about someone's behavior or you have information about a student that causes you concern, please call the Dean of Students, Julie Ramsey, (717-337-6921) or the Office of Academic Advising (717-337-6579). The Dean of Students can work with you to determine the next appropriate step(s) which may include a referral to Health (717-337-6970) & Counseling (717-337-6960), CARE Group, or other campus/community resources.

Submit a Concern to the Dean of Students

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